Rules and Regulations

1.       All guests must check in upon entering gate.

2.       TSA is not responsible for personal property left in or around the pool or bath houses.

3.       No running!

4.       No sitting on ropes.

5.       Only 1 person on the diving board at a time.

6.       Ladders are for entering or exiting the pool – not for hanging out.

7.       All floats, except life jackets which are strapped to the body, are to be confined to the shallow end of the pool.  If floating rafts become a safety hazard, they will be removed from the pool at the request of the lifeguard on duty.

8.       Positively NO rough “horse play” allowed in or near the pool.

9.       Parents are responsible for children in the wading pool.

10. If a child is not potty trained, swim diapers only are to be used. 

11.   Candy, paper, etc. will not be permitted in the pool.

12.   No chewing gum while in the pool.

13.   No glass of any kind will be allowed.

14.   Underwater endurance swimming or contests are forbidden.

15. No alcohol or tobacco products of any kind.


Specific to Open Swim  Family Membership (in addition to preceding):

16.  Family Membership is defined as all the people residing within your home.

17.  Water safety is everyone's responsibility especially for our younger guests.  A child with no parent or guardian must be able to swim independently to be allowed to attend during open swim.  

18.  Children at the pool without adult supervision will be  expected to follow all rules or will be asked to leave and not return without adult supervision. 


Specific to Parties

- All parties are intended to be family oriented / neighborhood friendly. 

- No overly loud music nor music with vulgar lyrics.  We intend to be good neighbors to those who live around us.

-Terri's Swim Academy's sound system is only to be used unless special permission is granted.  

- No drugs or alcohol. 

- We reserve the right to end the party early if these rules are not adhered to - without refund, 


All rules are subject to change without notice.