Swimming is a very valuable skill that everyone should have! We offer swimming lessons for anyone ages 3 to adult!  It's not too late for you to learn to swim, and its a skill you will never regret learning!

See the info below, but understand that we are an outdoor facility.  We will be starting lessons again the Week of Memorial day. 


Look for special pricing on Swim Club Memberships for Swim Lesson Participants

Classes will take place Monday - Thursday

 Classes will start on the hour 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Class Times:

Classes can be scheduled one day a week Monday - Thursday (choose a day, you will come the same day each week for 9 weeks).  Lessons will begin Monday, May 28 and run for 9 weeks through the week of July 23. 

Class Levels:

Preschool Level - Introduction to water skills. Students begin to get comfortable in the water through water adjustment skills. This level also has the option to either have the parents in the water or out. The skills for the level remain the same regardless.
Beginner Level - Basic water skills. Students begin to develop their fundamental skills of swimming.
Advanced Beginner Level - Students are introduced to new skills (strokes) while working on previous learned skills and begin to increase the distance they are swimming.
Intermediate Level - Students continue to build on the skills through practice and drills while working on stroke development and endurance.
Advanced Level - Students continue to work on refining their strokes further with an advanced level of proficiency.


Questions to ask yourself to  help determine which class to enroll:


Ever had lessons before?  Where?  Level?

Describe what student can do –

                Face in?

                Distance they can swim?


When was the last time they were in the water?

If learning strokes – what stokes do they already know? 


How the lessons work?

We have many classes taking place over the 4 days of scheduling.  We allow 45 minutes for the session. Please understand that classes must start and end on schedule.   This time allotment is to provide a full 45 minutes of water time for your child, a few minutes for the instructor to visit with you after the lesson and a few minutes for the instructor to break from the time they spend in the water.

 Should you find it necessary to miss a lesson, calling in would be appreciated. We will allow 2 make ups through the 9 weeks as long as you have notified us before the missed lesson. Make ups will be scheduled on case by case manner.  Make up classes will be scheduled with your child’s instructor if possible, however this is no guarantee. A no show for class will not be eligible for make up. 

How much do swim lessons cost?

Group lessons - 3 students to 1 instructor: $20 per 45 minute lesson for a total of $180 for 9 week program.  You can pay this in 3 payments of $60 - 1st payment secures a spot, 2nd payment the first day of class, the 3rd payment 3 weeks into the program.

One on One lessons - $50 per 45 minute lesson for a total of $450 for the 9 week program.  This option can be paid in 3 payments of $150 - 1st payment secures a spot, 2nd payment the first day of class, and the 3rd payment 3 weeks into the program.


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